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Dialdent | Why Dialdent

Dental Care is totally neglected in India

  • 70% Indians suffer from dental disease, but only 50% have ever visited a doctor

Its not that we are short of dentists

  • 30,000 dentists pass out every year from 289 dental colleges
  • In urban areas, we have 1 dentists for 10000 people, against a WHO recommendation of 1 for every 7500

Why then its neglected. It's so because..

  • The process of seeing a reliable in India is cumbersome, time consuming and waste of a whole day
  • It is also very expensive as customers also end up paying for the fancy clinics - most clinics are set up in busy areas, on expensive real estate

Three Great reasons why DialDent flies

Amazingly Convenient

Customers don't have to go anywhere, we come to them. We have high technology portable equipment that allow us to set up world class clinic facilities anywhere in a matter of minutes. We can do that at homes, offices or anywhere where we can find secure dedicated space.

At Incredibly low prices

We give World class dental care at very low cost. The prices customers pay for our services is a fraction of what they would end up paying for similar services in market. It is so because we don't have clinic and office expenses to load on to the customer

  • The lowest cost option because it does not have to bear the cost of real estate and fancy clinics. The rates are fixed and customer chooses what to go for.
  • We can take affordable dental cares to customers where they live, work and visit.