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Dialdent | About us
"Accessible and affordable preventive health care to all"
"To be India's largest mobile health care company"

Who we are

  • DialDent is dental care service from Greystone Care, a company dedicated to revolutionising preventive health care in India by taking health care to people rather than making people reach out for it.
  • It is so because we believe that the most efficient way to good health is through regular check-ups and timely prevention, but most of us are reluctant to do that because of the hassles involved such as finding right clinics, booking appointments, travel & parking problems, waste of a whole day etc. As a result we go to a doctor only when there is something terribly wrong, like a pain or hurt.
  • We have removed such hassles from people's lives by using state-of-the-art technology to develop world class portable clinics that can be loaded on vans, unpacked and installed anywhere in a matter of minutes. That allows us to set up a clinic for you at your home, at your office, or anywhere you are. All we need is a dedicated corner or a room, and your attention.
  • We currently operate in Delhi NCR, but expect to see us all over North India very soon. Rest of India will follow soon after.