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Dialdent @ Home

customers can call, SMS or use the website to book appointment as per their convenience, either before or after office hours, during the day, or on the weekends.

DialDent sends two doctors along with high tech portable dentistry equipment to deliver a world class dental care service in the comfort and reassurance of homes.

Best part is, if there is no treatment needed or customer does not want it done, there are no charges except the visiting costs. The check-up is on us.

Dialdent @ work

DialDent contacts and collaborates with HR or Admin departments of companies to set up free check up camps on office premises. The employees can walk in at a time of their convenience to get their dental hygiene checked without bothering to leave their office building.

Once again, the check up is entirely free and if anything is found amiss, the employee has the option of either getting it treated there and then, or go to some other dentist of his own choice. By the way, we can fix most problems in less than 30 that's just about the time lost in the day.

Dialdent @ while wait

DialDent looks to be within reach of people at any place where they have few minutes on their hand with not much to do. Such as when they wait in hospitals while accompanying patients, or when they wait for their flights at airports. Incidentally, most hospitals do not have dentistry department if you haven't noticed.

DialDent intends to set up clinics in such places. So wherever you see the sign of DialDent, know that your world class friendly dentists is close at hand. Feel free to walk in and check the state of your dental matters.

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